At What Time Does Domino's Close?

At What Time Does Domino’s Close?

If you’re talking Pizza and you aren’t talking Dominos, then you have no idea what a yummy, tasty pizza is. It’s still not too late to order; until dead midnight, Domino’s still sells Pizza and other snacks that could make your evening more pleasurable, especially on weekends.

Are you wondering, what the actual closing time is? You will find out within the course of reading through this information that you should not live on the assumption of a closing time you are not sure of just to get disappointed on your next visit.

At What Time Does Domino’s Close?

Even till 12 am-midnight, Domino shops are just about closing for the day.

This closing time is usually from Sundays to Thursdays, while they stretch it by an hour on Fridays and Saturdays, closing by 1 a.m.

The opening time for most Domino’s shops is 10: 30 am each day, both on weekdays and on weekends.

This opening time is general at most locations and shops operating a Domino shop. If this timing varies from the one at your location, contact the store management.

Dominos Holiday Closed Days

In accordance with the kind of service Domino’s shops render to the public, it’s much respected that they mostly remain open even on special days like holidays.

Domino’s is always open on various holidays from 10:30 a.m. to 12 a.m. and sometimes even works extra hours.

Nevertheless, they also observe a few holidays, like Thanksgiving Days and Christmas Days. On these days, they remain totally closed and don’t entertain customers.

They could also have reduced hours on Christmas Eve and extra hours on New Year’s. In regard, it’s best to always contact the local store at your location to plan a comfortable visit and know their daily closing time.

The Domino’s 24-Hour Service Offer

The truth is that Domino’s doesn’t offer any form of 24-hour service at any of its locations.

The opening and closing times are well stipulated, from 10: a.m. to 1 a.m. on Fridays and Saturdays.

They could work more hours for those at very busy locations, but definitely not 24 hours.

To get more details on this service, the customer care department will be the best set of people to reach out to.

Dominos Customer Service Closing Time

The customer service closing time at Domino is 12 a.m. which reflects the time the individual shop closes each day. Most Domino shops close as late as 12 a.m. or 1 a.m.

Therefore, it’s expected to always see a representative or salesperson at the shop even at midnight.

Eventually you want to call and confirm the exact closing time of the representatives of a particular Domino customer care person, you can call 1 (734) 930-3030 or visit the particular store within work hours while their regular opening time starts from 10 a.m.


Does Dominos Deliver After 1 a.m.?

1 a.m. is Domino’s closing time on Fridays and Saturdays. Therefore, Dominos doesn’t deliver or work after 1 a.m.

If you have orders or pick-ups, you should be at the location to pick them up before 1 a.m. or wait till 10 a.m. opening time the next day.

From Sundays to Thursdays, don’t expect deliveries after 12 a.m. because Domino’s closing time on those days is exactly 12 a.m.

How to Find a Domino Store

Looking for a Domino store can’t be a difficult task except if you’re new to the U.S. However, the task has been made easy for all by using the Store Locator or Google Maps.

All you need do is to type in “Dominos Store” at the search bottom and have a lot of options pop up.

You can also visit any local store and make inquiries at the customer service unit on their closing time, or use the mobile app to shop after closing time to get it the next day’s opening time.

You could also know the exact closing time of the store around you using all these tools.

In conclusion, this comprehensive piece of information about Domino should now give you a better insight into the opening and closing time, holiday opening and closing time, and how you can contact Domino for info.

So you can now go ahead and order your favorite from Domino.

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