At What Time Does Rite Aid Close?

At What Time Does Rite Aid Close?

Do you urgently need a pharmacy to buy from? Or do you want some groceries for your home? Accurate information on opening and closing times at Rite Aid is important for a pleasant shopping experience. Read on to know more about what time Rite Aid closes.

Just like other firms open and close each day within the official business hours, Rite Aid has its official hours for running its business which is also dependent on which of the stores you wish to gain access to.

What is Rite Aid Closing And Opening Time?

Rite Aid is open every day of the week at 8 a.m. which legitimately gives customers access to the store sections operated at all Rite Aid stores to shop for a wide range of products available on the shelves.

And by 10 p.m. from Monday to Sunday Rite Aid closes their doors for that day. This cumulatively gives a total of 14 working hours for each single day.

The pharmacy section is a subsidiary of the Rite Aid store and operates on a slightly different schedule from the general store. It opens at 9 am and closes at 9 pm with the exception of Sunday where they open by 11 am and close by 7 pm.

What is Rite Aid Pharmacy’s Work Time on Holidays?

Your health is Rite Aid’s priority and that’s the more reason why they are always open all through the year which means they never take holidays.

Even on the Eve of Christmas (24th Dec) and Christmas day (25th Dec) itself, most Rite Aid store pharmacies are open. The least that could happen is to reduce business hours.

Unlike other pharmacies, you should never find any Rite Aid pharmacy closed except for specific problems that directly affect the store itself. Note that business hours vary across locations so it is best to contact the local store to be sure of the day’s hours.

Rite Aid Take-Out Service Hours

The Drive-thru service works within the opening and closing time of the store which is from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m at some specific locations.

Whether buying from the general store or from the pharmacy section, you should always be prompt.

With you clicking the “I’m here” indication on your phone when you get to the drive-thru spot or car park, you will have a Rite Aid employee deliver your items to you while you sit and wait at the spot.

Does Rite Aid Offer 24-Hour Service?

The Rite Aid pharmacy is one of the medical stores that offer 24-hour service in the United States alongside many other stores since not all Rite Aid stores offer this service.

You need to know the particular Rite Aid pharmacy open for 24 hours and you need the Rite Aid locator to get the particular store and also know their current business hours.


How to Locate a Store

There are available tools that can comfortably and swiftly aid your search for a Rite Aid store that isn’t time or location-limited.

These tools populate most stores around you with their current business hours indicating whether opened or closed what sort of service you can get from them and sometimes the available products.

You can always make use of the following tools to locate and know more about the Rite Aid store:

1. Rite Aid Store Locator

2. Google Map

3. Mobile App

4. Customer Cares

5. All online media

In a nutshell, taking into consideration the related times and hours around the Rite Aid working environment helps organize the business following each day’s activities starting from the store’s regular hours to the pharmacy hours.

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