At What Time Does Subway Close?

At What Time Does Subway Close?

Don’t be among those missing out on the special, tasty hands of Subway delicacies! At What Time Does Subway Close? will help you know all about subway opening and closing times on different days. Learn more about Subway’s business hours by reading this carefully.

A droll menu of meals and drinks made by Subway makes it a place of interest to relax and get a nice treat, ranging from salads to wraps and submarine sandwiches.

But at whatever time you wish to go to any Subway outlet, it is important to consider Subway’s opening and closing times.

At What Time Does Subway Close? Subway Hours

It’s important to hear from the nearest shop to know their actual business hours daily or to source information online to know more about Subway work hours.

Operational hours at Subway are timely, though different days and situations can cause a change. 

Subway’s Weekly Hours

The Subway work hours within the week and on weekends are different. The times and hours at different locations vary because of the situations around them and other managerial decisions.

The universal opening and closing times are 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. on weekdays and Saturdays while Sundays are usually 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Also, the opening times between these shops don’t vary more than 3 hours so if you visit and it’s not yet opened, go back again in the next 2 to 3 hours and have your meal.

Are There 24-hour Subway Shops?

Yes, there are a lot of Subway shops that run all day and night business hours.

This benefit extends to odd-hour customers who don’t enjoy the crowded customers or aren’t opportune to visit during the day. 

To locate a 24-hour Subway restaurant, use your locator or Google map. You can also call the customer service numbers or email the company for directives.

Holiday Business Hours

Thanksgiving days or Christmas days among all the various holidays in a year’s calendar are the only days you will find a Subway restaurant or outlet closed.

The choice to close, extend, or reduce working hours on other holidays is totally dependent on the store or shop management. So always stay informed on all this information.

What Time is Subways Breakfast?

7 a.m. opening time or the day’s opening time depending on the day to 11 a.m. each day is when you can enjoy the Subway breakfast meals on the menu.

It’s important to meet up at this time because lunch starts afterward.

What Time is Subway Lunch?

After breakfast comes lunch. So, subway lunch starts from 11 am upwards as the meal will follow the timing.

Lunch meals last throughout the day into dinner since the meals are made to cover both times. 

What are the Staff Work Hours at Subway?

The Subway staff’s work hours depend on the working agreements. There are full-time and part-time hours.

The management runs a 3 rotational duty platform for the employees of 3 -4 hours max for part-time and 6 hours thereabout to full-time staff.

Subway Delivery Hours

The Subway delivery program contains different delivery methods and these methods have both specific and general time and hours of operations. 

Familiarize yourself with these times and understand the various delivery methods.

Read Also

Subway Curbside Delivery Hours

From the start of the day to the closing time(7 a.m. to 11 p.m.) is the perfect time to order.

Knowing that it might take a few hours to process and prepare your order, it is important to order quite early to be able to get it on time

Subway Customer Care Hours

The local store customer care work hour is bound with the opening and closing general work hours.

From 7 a.m. to 10 p.m., the store representative is always available to give you direct information regarding your questions and solutions to your problems.

How to Know Subway Work Hours and Location

It’s important to know the Subway work hours and how to locate a Subway shop for cases of eventualities.

Subway has over 37 000 shops in about 100 countries and you can bet with me it will be a hassle searching for 1 or a few within this large number.

To make your search much more resourceful and easy, you need to apply the help of these tools and persons.

  • The Subway store locator
  • The Google Map
  • Email contact
  • The Subway mobile app
  • The various online platforms

The Customer Care Contact

When talking about Subway customer care contact, we’re talking about the fastest and easiest way to get across to the Subway company through their representative to attend to your needs.

The customer care hotline is the fastest. You can reach them at 800-888-4848


Knowing the exact opening and closing times and other timely and work-hour events that go on within the Subway stores gives you an upper hand.

It’s necessary to be updated with this information so as to enjoy the best of Subway’s menu at the right times.

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