At What Time Does Walmart Close On Christmas Eve?

At What Time Does Walmart Close on Christmas Eve?

It’s a wise choice to shop at Walmart on the Eve of Christmas knowing that Walmart is totally closed on Christmas Day. You should also be looking out for the Walmart closing time on the Eve of Christmas because they work fewer hours thereby closing early.

“At what time does Walmart close on Christmas Eve?” is a topic of interest for customers planning to shop on the 24th of December. You won’t want to make a mess the next day by not having enough groceries.

Therefore, We recommend that you read on to understand the Walmart closing time on Christmas Eve and have a pleasurable family time on Christmas Day as we all sing “Feliz Navidad!”

What is Walmart’s Closing Time on the Eve of Christmas?

Christmas Days are notable holidays and most shops and stores don’t work. In that regard, it’s best to shop for Christmas on the Eve of Christmas before the closing time.

Most stores close very early as Walmart on Christmas Eve closes by 6 p.m. and opens by 6 a.m.

The Walmart regular opening starts from 6 a.m. to 8 a.m. while the closing time at most locations is 10 p.m.

With these related time factors, you can see that most Walmart stores on the Eve of Christmas work about 4 hours off their usual time.

It’s important that you compare the conventional time factors of the regular time, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day working time to the Walmart store(s) at your locations. If it seems confusing, contact the store management or customer service unit.

Is Walmart Money Center Closed on Christmas Eve?

They close much earlier than the usual time 10 p.m. This is to say that the Walmart Money Center is open from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. depending on the location and store management.

In cases of emergencies and legal orders, they are forced to follow orders which is important that all customers stay updated to avoid mistakes.

What Time Does Walmart Customer Care Close on Christmas Eve?

The Walmart in-store customer care closes at the same time the store closes on Christmas Eve which is mostly at 6 p.m. These customer care working times are regulated by the store hours.

Their online customer service would still be reachable via their contact channels though they’ll always remind you that all Walmart stores are working limited hours to close by 6 p.m. thereabout and will be totally closed on Christmas Days.

What is Walmart Pharmacy Closing Time on Christmas Eve?

If you need to visit the Walmart Pharmacy section, you really need to make it before 6 p.m. Walmart closes all store sections immediately its 6 p.m. on the Eve of Christmas. Don’t wait till the regular closing time!

So long as it’s a holiday, the staff and employees will also need some time off. So plan your visit for medical items on or before the Christmas Eve closing time while they open between 6 a.m. to 8 a.m.

How Early Does the Walmart Optometry Close on Christmas Eve?

As a store division of the Walmart stores, the optometry clinic closing time is affected by the regular closing time on Christmas Eve which is usually 6 p.m. while the opening time is also 6 a.m.

During these hours, all customers of the various sections are to go about their shopping and business with the Walmart optometry sections because 6 p.m. will mark the close of the section and store at large.

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Does Walmart Christmas Eve Closing Time Affect Walmart Sales?

Yes, it does affect Walmart’s sales on that day and we will be outlining several positive and negative ways it affects all parties involved.

1. Due to the 6 p.m. closing time on the Eve of Christmas, most customers make plans ahead of the day to visit the store for shopping while others make it much earlier on the 24th morning.

2. On the Eve of Christmas, the store, and workers have a lot of orders coming in all at the same time and can stand the risk of being sold out even before closing time.

3. The Christmas Eve closing time also contributes to the high number of customers and crowds the store encounters from the opening time to the closing time.

4. The 6 p.m. closing time also affects deliveries to homes and other curbside deliveries.

5. Price inflation most times becomes one of the challenges faced by customers also.

How to Find Walmart Closing Time on Christmas Eve

To know the exact Walmart closing time on Christmas Eve, you need to pay close attention. You will have to contact or follow these procedures to know the Walmart hours on Christmas Eve as you will definitely get the right info.

1. Contact the Walmart customer care. You can either call their customer care line at 1 (800) 925-6278 or visit any of their stores.

2. The Walmart online pages (website and social media platforms) are viable always and could also be a good source of knowledge regarding their work hours on Christmas Eve.

3. The Walmart mobile App is also a good way to know more about the Christmas Eve working hours and you can also see other store hours from searching for one.


The bottom line remains that Walmart’s working time on Christmas Eve isn’t regular like other working hours or holiday hours. So with this, you’re sure to know the right time to visit the store on Christmas Eve.

The working hours of other sections of the store in Walmart are also important information so that they can all shape your visit plan to Walmart for your needs every 24th of December.

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