At What Time Does Walmart Money Center Close?

At What Time Does Walmart Money Center Close?

Walmart is at it again! Haven’t you heard of the Walmart Money Center? Just one thing short of a bank. A unit that provides almost all that regular financial institutions can do. Stop stressing over bank protocols and policies.

Do you want to send or receive funds locally and globally? Or do you want to pay bills, cash out cheques, and perform other transactions even on weekends?

All these and more are possible through Walmart Money Center. Before then, let’s explore their rules and closing time.

At What Time Does Walmart Money Center Close?

The Walmart Money Center run operation both on weekdays and some weekends. The general opening time is 7 am and they close by 10 pm.

You might find some stores opening at different times, but this is the conventional opening and closing time.

Locations in major cities will definitely entertain more customers and are likely to have more work hours if considered though you need to meet the standards to be a customer.

It’s important you identify with the management for updates always to quickly adjust if need be.

Is Walmart Money Closing Time Different on Sundays?

Yes, the Sunday closing time is a bit different from the regular time they close on weekdays and Saturdays. The opening time is 10 am and the closing time is 6 pm on Sundays in most areas.

They’re usually open for 15 hours every day but fewer hours on Sunday and this is the same across most of their locations.

If the local store at your end operates on a different opening and closing time, query the store management for clarification.

What are Walmart Cheque Hours?

Cheque-cashing opening and closing times differ slightly from the regular center store time. The
opening time remains 8 am while their closing time remains 8 pm or 9 pm from Mondays to Saturdays.

The Sunday opening and closing hours are 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. This service is particular to specific forms of transactions and should be understood to avoid unnecessary waste of time.

Which Holidays Does Walmart Money Center Observe?

Holidays are free days and you might be wondering if Walmart Money Center is open or closed.

There are a few holidays that the Walmart Money Center observes thereby staying totally closed such as Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.

They usually work fewer hours on Good Friday, on the Eve to Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday, and Christmas Eve while the New Year’s Day time varies. Apart from these days, you will always find the Walmart

Money Center offices in most locations are open for full-day business hours. You might observe slight time and holiday changes, always contact the store management or customer care services, they’ll provide you with perfect answers that suit that branch’s timing.


Is Walmart Money Center Open for 24 Hours?

You will hardly find any Walmart Money Center office open 24 hours daily not even in the populated city areas, therefore they don’t offer such services.

You’ll only find them open from 7 am opening time to 10 pm closing time.

The closest 24-hour service you can get with Walmart Money Center is enjoyed by Card users. The Card programmers and technical support system service are always ready to assist you 24 hours a week.

To understand the Walmart Money Center’s 24-hour services, you should consider contacting customer care personnel, they’ll answer all your queries and other related question that bothers you.

What are Walmart Money Center Customer Care hours?

The Walmart Money Center customer care opening time and closing time for in-store services follows the regular opening and closing time of that particular store while we earlier said that store hours could vary.

If you find out that your location has a slightly different timing from the general timing and want to know why, we advise you to contact their customer care at +18009256278 or through their various social media platforms.

How to Find a Store

You can locate their offices by using the Store Locator, Google Maps, or website just by typing in
“Walmart Money Center” as a query and you’ll get straightforward locations that offer this service.

The Walmart Mobile App can also greatly assist because it populates stores around you, the current operation time, their opening and closing time, available services, and even contact lines and addresses.


This blog post is informative to organize customers’ plans to visit a Walmart store and Walmart Money Center for their services and time factors around this should always be considered.

The opening time, closing time, holiday hours, and contact platforms of the Walmart Money Center are necessary to get additional information from your home. We hope you have the best experience transacting using Walmart Money Center.

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