At What Time Does Zaxby's Close?

At What Time Does Zaxby’s Close?

Are you wondering what Zaxby brings to the table that still makes them stand out despite brand names like KFC, Domino, Burger King, and many more? It’s the Zax sauce! Addiction is underrated till you have a taste.

The special recipe is the secret to their great customer patronage. Regular customers will always want to start up or ease their day’s stress by having a taste, would you love to have a taste and become a regular customer?

Reading “At What Time Does Zaxby’s Close?” is the guide that tells all new and regular customers the right time and hours to visit the store on weekdays, weekends, and holidays. So keep reading; otherwise, you might miss out on Zaxby’s special meal.

What Time Does Zaxby Close?

Most Zaxby eateries’ opening and closing times are relative to the general store operation hours. Therefore, most Zaxby stores close by 10 p.m. or 11 p.m., though most from Sunday to Thursday close by 10 p.m., while Friday and Saturday close at 11 p.m.

The opening time is more balanced with 10: 30 am opening time at most locations, especially on weekdays and Saturdays. Most of the stores also open on Sundays by this time, though you could also find others that open by 11 a.m.

When Does Zaxby Close on Holidays?

Visiting any Zaxby outlet on holidays without knowing the opening and closing times is dangerous.

Most stores always notify their customers of their holiday operation hours, but eventually, you didn’t get notified, or you’re a new customer. Take this as a guide.

During most holidays, Zaxby customers enjoy that the restaurant remains operative from the regular opening time till the regular closing time ( 10:30 a.m. to 11 p.m.). However, they know that the store closes much earlier on some days.

Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve are basically the days they might close early, though you should contact the store closest to you to be sure of their days, while they might work more hours on Black Fridays.

Aside from these days, visiting the Zaxby restaurants is at your own risk. They are mostly closed on Christmas Days and Thanksgiving Days. This is to say that you won’t find their store open, not even for a few hours, so make adjustments to your visit.

Does Zaxby Offer Special Services?

Yes, other restaurants might not see the need to schedule these special offers to suit customers considering customer’s needs and their opening or closing time, but Zaxby does.

For this reason, Zaxby has scheduled offers like breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

The store is also rumored to provide 24-hour service as one of their special services, which isn’t true. The store remains closed after 11 p.m. and reopens the next day by 10: 30 a.m.

What are Zaxby’s Breakfast Hours?

The regular opening time is 10:30 a.m., when most customers should be at work starved if they don’t get to grab anything before leaving, but with Zaxby’s 6 a.m. breakfast opening time, customers are sure to eat.

The service lasts till 10:30 a.m., regular opening time.

However, not all Zaxby restaurants offer this special service, so you should look at the restaurants that do and visit within these hours.

When Does the Zaxby Lunch Hour Starts and Ends?

Immediately breakfast time ends by 10: 30 am, lunchtime begins by 11 am, which is the official opening time of some stores while others open by 10: 30 a.m. and will last till 2 p.m. from Monday to Saturday.

The Sunday lunch hours are a little drifted at closing time. Like the regular lunch opening time is 11 a.m., Sunday lunchtime ends by 3 p.m. You could also inquire about the menu to know what meals are available within these hours.

At What Times Do Dinner Stops at Zaxby?

From 2 p.m. till 10 p.m. or 11 p.m., depending on when the regular store closing time is when Zaxby dinner ends.

You can always visit any of their outlets or stores from Monday to Sunday to have a delicious evening meal.

The lunchtime and dinner meals are available at all Zaxby stores, and you will be glad you spend your time there.

Whether it is a birthday or a friend and family get-together, Zaxby will always give you a reason to return.


What are the Customer Care Hours?

The Zaxby customer care persons you find are always available within the store’s regular hours. You can also contact online customer care on various platforms that Zaxby operates.

For calls, you can dial (866) 892-9297 from 10 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. Monday to Sunday to connect to one of their customer care online representatives and lodge complaints or make necessary inquiries.

Their social media handles and website pages are also viable means to contact the restaurant or chat with them through the mobile app for immediate assistance.

How Do I Find a Store?

The first step to finding a store is searching for the closest store around you using the Store Locator or Google Maps.

By typing in the store name “Zaxby” in the search area, you will get a result immediately directing you to stores.

You could also get directives through the phone line customer care, mobile app, or web pages, which will populate other store locations and give you valid info on the current work time and daily operation hours.

Finally, this comprehensive note on “At What Time Does Zaxby’s Close?” has touched on several necessary time factors around Zaxby.

However, you might still have areas of concern that this coursework didn’t cover. Contact customer care with the number or medium available.

But we believe that you have a good knowledge of Zaxby’s hours of operation on different days and how best to contact them if need be. You can now go ahead and order or visit to taste the Zax sauce.

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