At When Does Burger King Close?

At When Does Burger King Close?

Are you wondering if all Burger Kings share the same operation hours? Well, they could differ. However, “At When Does Burger King Close?” answers your intent for searching and also more general operation hours for most Burger King shops.

While reading through this blog post, you will find out the opening and closing times on weekdays, weekends holidays, customer care hours, how to contact them, and how to locate their shops. Therefore, continuous reading is the key!

What is Burger King’s Closing Time?

Burger Kings at most locations might have a slight operation hour different from the general one but by 10 p.m. all Burger Kings shops are shutting their doors.

Some others stay up until 12 a.m. before closing for the day which are mostly found in high patronage areas and cities.

While they stay up till deadnight hours, they are also relative to opening very early which is also beneficial to the early birds. 6 a.m. is the beginning time for most Burger King shops no matter the location.

How Many Hours is Burger King Opened Daily?

Calculating from the regular store opening time to end day business hours, most stores are opened for at least 16 hours if they close by 10 p.m.

For those that close after 10 p.m., their working hours will definitely increase.

However, the stores are open from Mondays to Saturdays within these hours while Sundays at some locations experience late hour opening time at most 8 am and close by 10 pm or more.

Which Holidays Does Burger King Observe?

Burger Kings (BK) is operative on various holidays and it is imperative to know which of these holidays they are totally open as they could work fewer hours on some holidays or remain totally closed on other holidays.

Most Burger King shops are always closed on Christmas Day, while others extend their total closed days to Thanksgiving Days, New Year’s, and Easter Sundays.

Aside from these days, you will always find a Burger King shop open within its regular hours of operation. You also have to be wary of some holidays because they might either have extra working hours or reduced hours.

When is Burger King’s Special Hour Closing Time?

Burger King like some other restaurants offers a time limit to some special meals on their menu for customers and it is essential to visit the eatery within these hours to enjoy this offer.

However, not meeting up with the time doesn’t mean you can’t place orders but you might not enjoy the discounts that come with the meal and also, the meal might be unavailable after the time.

Does Burger King Breakfast Time Close Early?

Yes, though not so early, the Burger King breakfast time starts immediately the store is opened by 6 a.m. and closes or ends by 10: 30 a.m. latest from Monday to Saturday while Sunday start time is usually 7 a.m. or 8 a.m. till 11 a.m.

If you weren’t opportune to meet the breakfast hours, you can subscribe for the lunch hour. Just like the Breakfast special hour, lunchtime starts immediately after breakfast.

The start time is 10 am on weekdays and ends by the regular closing time while Saturday hours start by 7 am.

Is Burger King Open for 24 Hours?

The chances of finding a 24-hour Burger Kings store are quite rare though you might find some, especially in big cities. However, you should be more focused on the regular opening and closing times to avoid disappointments.

From 6 a.m. you should expect most Burger King shops opened while 12 a.m. is the most closing time you can get.

This closing time is the most common reason for misconstruing the firm to be officially a 24-hour shop.


What is the Burger King Customer Care Work Time?

While trying to contact Burger King customer care, you should bear in mind their regular work time. Calling at the wrong time might lead to no response from Burger King customer care or not connecting at all.

From Monday to Friday, Burger King customer care is available to assist you from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Weekend call time will be the best you ask customer care for the most appropriate time to connect to them eventually you need their assistance.

How to Contact Burger King Customer Care

The channels to connect to the Burger King customer care persons include their phone lines, social media handles, email addresses, and mobile apps. With these media, you could lodge complaints and source answers to your query.

If you wish to call, you can dial 1(866) 394-2493 or contact them using their web address which is You could further decide to visit the store to get direct assistance from the in-store customer service.

How to Locate a Store

The availability of certain tools coupled with your smartphone will definitely lead you to any store at any location you desire to visit. Following this, we will list out the few you can make use of with very simple steps.

1. Google Maps

2. Store Locator

3. Mobile App

All you need do is to turn on your GPS and input “Burger King” in the search spot and Google Maps and Store Locator will direct you to the closest and their current and regular operation hours. It will also show you other locations around.

While, from the mobile app, you can chat up the robot to give you specific directions or a number to call for prompt directions to a particular store.


The main point put forward is to inform first-time and returning customers about the several hours around Burger King shops perhaps they forgot or had no idea.

You of course are now aware of the breakfast hours, lunchtime, and hours they open on holidays eventually you wish to spend some time there on a holiday. Having read this, you will definitely not make a late visit.

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