At When Does The Post Office Close?

At When Does the Post Office Close?

Have you just been notified of your parcel at the USPS and you can’t make it immediately to pick it up? Leaving work this early might not be the best idea. If you can target USPS closing time, you could achieve a lot for the day.

But how well do you know the USPS closing time? If you don’t, this informative piece on the USPS closing time will guide you to plan a successful visit today while you clear the workload on your desk.

At When Does the Post Office Close?

All over the US, 5 p.m. is the official closing time of most USPS offices. Closing hours hardly vary, though they could depend on the location and situation.

The postal offices open at 8 a.m., and they work 6 days a week (Monday to Saturday) for 9 hours each day.

Some opening and closing times on Saturdays in some states are adjusted by the office management, but Sundays are off work days for USPS workers.

Does USPS Work on Holidays?

Yes, they work on some holidays while they observe other holidays.

The USPS is committed to servicing the citizens of the United States even on holidays while they also understand the workload and consider their employees.

The United States Postal Services observes the under-listed holiday. Thus, you will find all USPS offices closed on these days.

But, if the holiday happens to be on a Sunday, it is mostly observed Monday the next day while Saturday holidays are observed on the preceding Friday.

That notwithstanding, USPS is always closed on:

1. New years

2. Martin Luther King Jr. Day

3. Presidents’ Day

4. Memorial Day

5. Independence Day

6. Labour Day

7. Thanksgiving Day

8. Christmas Day

Does USPS Offer 24 Hour Service?

The USPS doesn’t offer 24-hour service. They work within the regular working hours of 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. especially those in the smaller location.

They could be extended work hours on some days but definitely not 24-hour service.

Though you might find some workers around the premises after work hours doing some menial jobs, but official duties like stamping, and delivering letters or parcels won’t be done.

You could only drop what you have in a collection box with clear information if you find one.

Customer Care Service Closing Time

Most USPS offices’ customer care closes at the same time the post offices close. By 8 p.m. all collection, sorting posting, and stamping of letters and parcels stop.

Whatever isn’t done for that day’s working hour is postponed to the next day.

The online and phone line service and also the technical support unit is reachable from 8 a.m. to 8;30 p.m. from Monday to Friday and from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Saturdays.

If you are visiting for stamping, don’t bother going on a Saturday.

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Can I Receive a Parcel After Closing Time?

Don’t expect your parcel to be delivered to you once it’s past the USPS office closing time.

Once you’re unable to pick it up at the USPS office and the delivery didn’t come in before 5 p.m. await it the next day or go pick it up yourself at their office.

You can also find out more about related information on the closing time of a particular store and when to expect your parcel or lodge a complaint by calling the customer care number 1-800-275-8777 or through the website

How to Find a USPS Office

By making use of the provided tools like smartphones and the designated online platforms, you can locate any USPS office you desire.

You can also use the USPS Office Locator and social media handles to know more.

In conclusion, the closing and operation times of the USPS offices help you make timely adjustments with time and reduce the risk of several disappointments and embarrassments.

By reading this, you’re sure to know all about USPS office times on several days.

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