Does Walmart Take Apple Pay at Self Checkout?

Does Walmart Take Apple Pay at Self Checkout?

Do you feel better using Apple Pay for payment? Or do you want to try Apple Pay at Walmart? Then check this topic: “Does Walmart take Apple Pay?”

You should understand the accepted payment channels at Walmart before visiting the store to avoid being stranded or unable to shop successfully.

Nevertheless, we have solved this search intent and will appreciate your continuous reading to help you. You will find out more about Walmart stores, the reason why they don’t accept Apple Pay, and their accented payment methods.

Does Walmart Accept Apple Pay as a Payment Method?

Apple Pay has been adopted and accepted by many store and shops as a payment method, but unfortunately, Walmart store contradicts that payment method. This is to say that Walmart stores don’t accept Apple Pay as a payment method.

Whether at self-checkout or traditional checkout, not minding the amount or type of iPhone version you’re using, Apple Pay isn’t accepted by Walmart.

You rather make use of the accepted payment platforms that Walmart accepts if you shop at Walmart.

Why Does Walmart Refuse Apple Pay for Payment?

Are you aware of the Walmart Pay app, yeah? That is the major reason why Walmart has refused Apple Pay as a payment channel.

They prefer customers making use of the Walmart App, where they can sort transactional issues out if need be. This might sound funny and frustrating to some customers, but that’s their preference.

If you don’t want to make use of the Walmart Pay app as a payment method, you can check out for the accepted methods of payment at Walmart.

What are the Accepted Payment Methods at Walmart?

Walmart also accepts other methods of payment, they aren’t limiting all payment methods to the Walmart Pay app.

You can choose any other payment method from the list of accepted channels of payment at Walmart, which includes:

1. Bank Debit Cards: You are at liberty to make use of your valid bank debit cards to pay for your items when you visit any Walmart store. The Visa, Master Card, or any other debit card offered to you by your bank is accepted.

2. Credit Cards: As much as a debit card is accepted, so is a credit card. Walmart accepts all valid credit cards as a means of payment in exchange for the shopped items. Bank credit cards and others from various financial institutions. e.g. American Express cards and Discover/Novus, etc.

3. US Bank cheques: You can also decide to pay through missing a bank cheque, which must be indigenous. Personal cheques will do while it’s a “No” for foreign bank cheques. You can also pay using money orders.

4. Cash Payment: You can also pay for your shopped items with physical cash at self-checkout. Avoid possessing and issuing counterfeits to avoid the consequences.

5. Walmart Gift Cards: You can also pay at Walmart using the Walmart gift card. It’s also another accepted method of payment.


How to Make Payment Using Walmart Pay App

Some might be wondering how strenuous it will be to use the Walmart Pay app. It’s very simple and user-friendly. In a few steps, we will be listing how to use the Walmart Pay app.

  1. You will need to Download the Walmart Pay app on your phone
  2. You will also have to complete the registration process and link your favorite payment channel ( credit and debit cards, Walmart gift cards)
  3. You will select the payment method you want to use on the Walmart Pay app ( if you have a gift card balance, you will have to use that first, except you change the option)
  4. Present your coupon to the cashier. After shopping, scan the items yourself and pay using the Walmart Pay app
  5. You can also scan your QR code and pay using the scanned code. Once your receipt is ready, you get notified on the app as there is no paper receipt.

Will Walmart Ever Accept Apple Pay?

Walmart isn’t considering this option ever; therefore, no. Walmart won’t be accepting Apple Pay as a payment method, not now, not never.

They have decided to stick to the accepted methods of payment and don’t seem ever to accept Apple Pay.

They have the Walmart Pay app as a substitute for Apple Pay and other payment channels, which is convenient enough for customers.


Walmart has listed its official payment methods, and Apple Pay isn’t one of them. and might never subscribe to accepting Apple Pay as one since they have the Walmart Pay app that does as much exact and more as Apple Pay.

Read on the alternative methods of payment to know more so you don’t face difficulties in paying for your shopped items.

Cash, Debit cards, credit cards, Walmart gift cards, and cheques are available options to choose from, or you can contact Walmart Customer Care.

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