How to Draw a Dragon for Beginners?

How to Draw a Dragon for Beginners?

The Chinese have made Dragons significant phenomena in animated movies. Without dragons, no fantasy setting is complete. From Game of Thrones to The Hobbit down to Merlin, incorporating dragons into a story makes animation and everything possible and interesting.

Dragons come in so many different forms and sizes that it might be difficult to know where to start when drawing one.

However, how to draw a dragon won’t be difficult if you follow these simple steps to get started with dragon drawing.

What are the Items Needed to Draw a Dragon?

Dragons are one of the most recognizable fantasy creatures. For millennia, they have been prevalent in folklore and art. They are well-known creatures in the arts, appearing in paintings, sculptures, and craftworks.

You might want to try your hands on drawing one and will need to know the necessary tools required to draw one efficiently. We will list out the very basic items you need, which include:

  1. A sheet of paper
  2. A flat surface or table
  3. A pencil/ pen/paint
  4. An eraser
  5. A marker for shading
  6. Ruler if needed
  7. A reference picture

What are the Steps on How to Draw a Dragon?

Professional artist have their skills in drawing a dragon since drawing is more like a talent to them, while beginners will have to follow a step-by-step guide when it comes to drawing a dragon.

Whether you’re a professional or not, you can always follow these basic steps to effectively and efficiently draw a dragon.

1. Draw the Basic Body Shape: You will start by drawing the basic outline of the dragon’s body with simple shapes like circles, ovals, and rectangles, including the legs and claws. This will help you in knowing the dragon’s size and structure.

2. Adding Tail and Wings to the Body: After getting the size and structure of the dragon, the wings and tail are the next part to focus and draw. Looking at your reference drawing, you will have to follow the reference book or picture to draw the same as seen in the book.

3. Drawing the Scales: Dragons don’t have smooth skin, they look rough and uneven, like a rock. So, you will draw the scales and make them appear rough, just like in your reference book—the horns, spins, and fin-link part along their back through to their tails.

4. Highlighting and Painting: After all these, you will see that your dragon drawing has taken shape, and you can see the perfect picture of the dragon. At this point, you will have to beautify your dragon by doing some finishing touches like:

  • Deepening the drawing lines where necessary
  • Shading your drawing
  • Painting or coloring the different parts of the dragon


What are the Various Types of Dragons?

All dragons aren’t the same, just like dogs, cats, and other life stocks have breeds and differences, as do dragons. There are different types of dragons, and that’s why you see them in different colors, sizes, shapes, and colors, though they share many similarities.

However, we will identify different types of dragons by listing them and saying a little about them individually. If you want to know more, you can do more research about them and choose a particular one to draw.

1. Wyvern: This particular type of dragon is said not to exist. The structure is large with 2 large legs and broad wings with a long tail that is used to sting and doesn’t often blaze out fire.

2. Black Dragon: They are large and powerful and significant and different because of the horns they bear on their head with long stretched bodies and long and tiny tails—one of the dragons that often blaze out fire.

3. White Dragon: Just like earlier said, there are distinct colors among Dragons, one is White. As the name implies, it does appear all white and large, bearing four legs, a slender body, large and long tinny wings, and a long tinny tail.

4. Chinese Dragon: The type of dragon appears more snake-like with 4 legs and long tails. They also look like objects with hairs or whiskers on their faces but without wings. They’re more symbolic to traditional Chinese people.

5. Red Dragon: The Red Dragon got its name from the symbolic red color in its body, bearing large long wings, spines on the head, and some white patches on the body. It has 4 legs and a long and tiny tail.

Others include

  • Sea serpent
  • Amphiptere
  • Cockatrice
  • Steel Dragon
  • Amethyst
  • Fire Dragon
  • Emerald
  • Topaz
  • Korean dragon
  • Smaug
  • Adamantine dragon
  • Brainstealer dragon


The drawing of a dragon has to start with you knowing the exact dragon you want to draw, then getting the right materials to draw them, and following the right steps spelled out to draw a dragon.

It’s important to know the exact dragon and specific features of the dragon you want to draw; therefore, do deeper research to get specific details about it before you start drawing.

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