How to Draw a Leprechaun for School?

How to Draw a Leprechaun for School?

Many mythological creatures are always best represented by drawings, like Dragons, Dinosaurs that existed years back, and Leprechauns.

Leprechaun is known for several dubious and imaginary powers causing mischief and creating objects such as shoes and more, always dressed in a suit and hat, always in Irish folklore.

For records and academic purposes, we will learn how to draw a Leprechaun to help keep this Irish imaginary creature alive for future generations.

Do you already know how to draw one? If not, follow these steps and draw your Leprechauns today!

What are the Steps on How to Draw a Leprechaun?

Very few people have an idea about what a Leprechaun is, and this is because it’s barely used in movies, like other mythical creatures.

Nevertheless, if you’re a professional artist or not, you will need a guide on drawing this creature.

The steps for drawing a Leprechaun are simple, and if you follow these few steps you’re sure to draw a good and beautiful Leprechaun. Therefore, take note and follow the step-by-step guide:

  1. Draw two “U,” a big one and a smaller one inside.
  2. Add two ears to the edge of the “U.”
  3. Draw a hat over the “U,” which will become the head.
  4. After which you can draw the eyes and nose
  5. Add legs, hands, and short
  6. Draw a jacket and short
  7. Make your painting of the clothes, wand, and socks
  8. Draw your background

Are Leprechauns Real?

As a fictional creature from the Irish folktales and stories, the existence of Leprechauns isn’t real, and they never existed, they are mythical and imaginary creatures. So “no,” they don’t exist and never did.

Their stories emerged from far 8th-century water spirit tales with a name that meant “small body.” So, if you ever heard that Leprechauns existed, you were deceived. They are imaginary creatures that create anxiety and images in people’s minds.

Why is a Sad Gold Story Told About Leprechauns?

It was said in the tales that the Leprechauns hate humans and won’t wish any human well. In times past, the Leprechaun was said to have found misplaced gold but buried it so no one would ever get it.

So, as a mysterious creature known for havoc and negative ideas about humans, he further makes life and success difficult for humans by burying the gold. Most recent tales portray them as cobblers.


How Tall is a Leprechaun?

Don’t forget they’re always tagged “small body” from the word “luchorp├ín” in old Irish. That illustrates how short they are, and to say further, they were said to stay in the basement and drink.

They aren’t more than 2 to 3 feet tall. They are actually that small, hence the name small body. So, mind you, when drawing a Leprechaun, don’t make it invisible yet not tall at all.

Why is Leprechauns Associated with St. Patrick’s Day?

Leprechauns were already major aspects of the Irish tradition. Following the movie’s release in the 18th century, their stories were becoming quite popular at the same time when the St. Patrick’s celebration was also making waves in the United States.

So, in the United States, the St. Patrick holiday celebration gradually became associated with Leprechauns and this made it thrive far more, spreading the story further following the St. Patrick celebration.


Following the listed steps for drawing a Leprechanus, you will surely get a perfect portrait of the imaginary creature. However, you can research further pictures to get a clue about the drawing.

To know more about the creature, check online sources to see and know what it looks like and use it as reference material when drawing the Leprechauns. Make it short to depict an actual description of a fictional creature.

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