How to Fill out a Money Order from Walmart?

How to Fill Out a Money Order from Walmart?

Do you want to know why you always have issues with money orders? Or is this your first time filling a money order? It’s simple and stress-free.

Knowing the accepted payment methods at Walmart is necessary, and money orders are one of them. Therefore, knowing how to fill out a money order correctly is important.

If you stay with us a little longer, you will learn how to fill out a money order in a few minutes, which will be the last time you will ever have issues filling out money orders. Let’s go!

What are the Steps on How to Fill out a Money Order?

If you are familiar with the processes of filling a money order, you still need to go through this guide for proper education. However, first-timers will benefit more.

When you visit the Walmart store and want to pay via money order, this is how you start.

  1. You demand a money order from Walmart customer care or Walmart money center.
  2. Write the name and address of the payee, in this case, Walmart, and the block addresses.
  3. You, the customer, must also write your name and address. Ensure to write the correct details to avoid fraud claims if issues occur.
  4. What you are paying for
  5. Account details
  6. Sign at the appropriate place

To use the Walmart money order, you will have to purchase it with your debit card or cash and sometimes get it for free or at a very low cost, depending on the management policies.

What Happens if I Fill the Money Order Wrong?

Mistakes are inevitable, but by following the guidelines above, you are sure not to make a mistake when filling out a money order.

Eventually, you are confused at some point. The Walmart customer care or money center can always help.

Nevertheless, if you make a mistake while filling out a money order, just 2 things are bound to happen because you are not to make corrections on a money order document.

Your money order will be Canceled and Refunded if a mistake is spotted.

Does Walmart Have a Separate Money Order System?

Walmart‘s money order system is in collaboration with Money Gram which makes sending, receiving, and other money transfer deals much easier than ever.

To be sure, you should look out for the Money Gram logo at the top left of the money order document given to you.

This merging system encourages partnership and a fast and secure mode of transactions. The Walmart money order for transfer might vary slightly from the in-store purchase, but all will be explained by the customer care representative.


How Long Can I Keep the Walmart Money Order?

The Walmart money order, like other money orders issued by banks and other financial institutions, does not expire. That’s to say, you can always make use of them anytime, any day.

You should also know that the Walmart money order, just like others, accumulates very little charges after a long time of not being used.

These service charges come within 1-3 years if the card is unused, and this amount is not reversible.

Why Do I Need a Personal Document to Buy a Walmart Money Order?

You will need a valid means of identification at Walmart when you want to buy or send out money orders over $1,000. This is to verify and standardize your transaction to meet current company policies.

You will need to come with a clear photo ID and other personal details that will clearly describe you better. To know more about this, Walmart customer care will explain better the requirements.

How Do I Pay for Items after Filling out a Walmart Money Order?

Many people are usually confused about what to do when shopping for more items while filling out or after filling out a money order for an already-shopped item.

The best thing to do is to request another Walmart money order.

This is because any correction made on the current filling will cancel and initiate a refund, thereby making that money order invalid.

So take your time and do all your shopping, request the appropriate money order, and fill it out correctly.


Filling out the Walmart Money Order can be easy with the above steps and gives you an idea of how to fill out money orders for different stores and firms. Make sure to make no mistakes to making your money order.

It’s also important to request new money orders if need be and avoid cancelations or any forms of corrections. The Walmart customer care personnel are always available to assist you if you need help.

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