How To Make A Paper Airplane that Flies Far?

How to Make a Paper Airplane that Flies Far?

You must have been amazed when you first saw a child fly a paper plane, right? Well, that’s creativity at its best. It’s one thing to make a paper plane that flies, and it’s another thing to make one that flies far.

How far it goes is the beauty and could be of more advantage to lover birds. You can learn how to make it and, through that, send your loved one a message by flying one into her bedroom through her window. How romantic!

Do you want to make one now? Stop racking your brains, follow this step-by-step guide, and learn how to make a paper airplane that flies far into the sky, after which you can teach her that that can serve as your channel of communication.

Get set, and let’s take the first step!

What are the Items Needed to Make a Paper Airplane?

You can only make something when you know the right and specific materials to use. Yes, They are all papers, but the thinner, the lighter, and the lighter, the higher it goes.

That being said, these are the necessary items you need to make a paper plane.

  1. A light paper
  2. Markers (if you want to decorate it)
  3. Cutter or Scissors ( you might not need it)
  4. Glue or gum might be needed
  5. A desk or flat surface

With these items, you could start making a paper plane that will rocket high into the sky. However, some people introduce glue or gum to hold some folds at specific places if it is difficult to stay folded.

Which Design of Paper Airplane Do You Want to Make?

You also have to choose the particular design you want your paper airplane to appear in. Are you surprised there are designs?

Well, a huge number of designs are available, and more are still discovered every day.

However, we will list a few designs or inspired designs while you can further research for more designs and follow the trend to learn the latest designs.

  1. Bullet airplane design
  2. Delta airplane design
  3. Intercepter plane design
  4. Arrow plane design
  5. Classic dart design
  6. Glider design
  7. Fighter Jet design

You should know that each of these designs has its way of making the plane, but we will discuss a few here.

Step-by-step Guide on How to Make a Paper Airplane

We will be dropping steps on how to make various paper plane designs, so let’s start with the following:

Bullet Plane Design

  1. Spread open your paper on the desk or surface
  2. Fold both top edges of the paper towards the middle or center of the paper
  3. Fold both left and right side towards the middle again
  4. Repeat this folding process once again
  5. Fold the shaped edge tip downward
  6. Fold the right and left sides over to the middle to give the last slim, flat feeling and bend upwards the edges to form a V shape as the wings.

The Delta plane design is still the same step used for the Bullet plane design, but you will skip step number 4. This will reduce the number of folds and slim, flat nature.

Intercepter Plane Design

  1. Spread open your paper on a desk
  2. Fold both top edges to the center and repeat once again.
  3. Fold a reasonable level of the nose downward
  4. Fold upwards half of the downward folded nose
  5. bend the tip of the upward-folded nose
  6. Fold the left and right sides together and cut the downward edge to stabilize the plane.
  7. Cut and bend the wing downward, and the V shape will appear through that.

Arrow Plane Design

  1. Spread open the paper.
  2. Fold both top sides towards the middle
  3. Fold them towards the middle once again
  4. Fold the nose downward
  5. Turn over the paper and fold line 3 backward
  6. Fold the wing downward and slightly open and cut 2 areas of one wing.

Which Weather is the Best Time to Fly a Paper Plane?

You might make the best paper plane that could fly high into the sky, but it’s also crucial that you know the right time and perfect weather conditions to fly your paper plane. Without being told, you know that rainy days will be a bad idea.

However, there are weather conditions that could support your paper plane flying high, such as:

  1. No breeze
  2. Low breeze

But when the wind is too much, it will destroy or even blow away your paper plane, which won’t give you the feeling of making and flying a paper plane.


Finally, following these steps will help you make several designs of paper planes, and you could also surf the net to get more trending designs of paper airplanes. You can invite us to watch what you’ve made and how far it can go.

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