Is how to Train your Dragon Homecoming Worth Watching?

Is How to Train Your Dragon Homecoming Worth Watching?

Is How to Train Your Dragon Homecoming worth watching? It is a controversial and rhetorical question you should answer. Are you one of those asking? Or you will want to get a heads-up on the movie?

Our opinion will be of great value to your search query if you find out our reason for our stand and decision.

However, we have outlined some reasons for our answer, and if you care to know, scroll down!

Is “How to Train Your Dragon Homecoming” Worth Watching?

Whether the movie is worth watching or not depends on your expectations and interest in the kind of movie and what message it passes. Nevertheless, you could learn a thing or more so Yes.

Not like other movies with age restrictions, viewers’ discretion, and adult content, the movie can be watched by children and adults together despite using animes as characters in the short story rather than long yet boring.

The winter season is a celebration and festive season worldwide and a time for reuniting and bonding with family and friends. The movie takes place during this exact time of love, celebration, and bonding.

The plot idea is one of unity, love, celebration, and bonding between humans and animals. The dragon riders’ idea to defend their community (Berk) was explicit and reasonable, which is worth emulating rather than fighting individually.

What are the Themes in the Movie?

No matter how bad a movie might seem, there are identifiable subject matters. These are the clauses that drive the message or are the main points of a movie.

There are a lot of subject matters in this literary work that we can’t exhaust here, but we will highlight the most significant and predominant ones, which are more obvious and didactic.

1. Love and Togetherness: The movie promoted love and oneness in all spheres, highlighting the need for people to come together despite how tough the situation may appear.

The counter-attack by the dragon riders in uniformity was the stronghold for their success over the ragging war launched by their enemies (Alvin the Treacherous and the Outcasts).

2. Strength in Unity: Despite their weapons and dragons being captured and taken away, they still decide to stand together and fight back to regain their armor rather than surrender to the Alvins.

3. Relationships: The movie also highlighted a very unique bonding between humans and animals. Although dragons are pictured as dangerous animals, the movie portrays them as loyal and friendly animals and weapons of war in the hands of their riders.

This unique relationship started the fight to rescue their dragon friends and liberate them from the Alvins, or else they’ve been used wrongly.

However, the dragon riders wanted to create a new tradition of always celebrating their dragon friends during the Snoggletog festivals.

4. Holiday Celebrations: The winter season highlights the specialty of the season and the fact that it’s all about love, unity, celebration, and excitement. The season always brings exciting moments that should be treasured.

How Long is the Movie?

Talking about the hours to watch this movie, you won’t have to sit all day. We earlier told you that it’s a short movie full of lessons. In less than 30 minutes, you’re done watching.

Unlike several long and boring movies and storylines that will keep you seated without making any sense. The movie “How to Train Your Dragon Homecoming” will inculcate the spirit of oneness and love amid the winter season into you.

When is the Best Time to Watch this Movie?

The movie was acted during the Winter season, which falls between December to March. This period pictures a significant moment of celebration and unity.

Just like the time in the movie, we think the movie would make a perfect family Christmas movie and could be watched within this time and beyond for people who want to know more about dragons and their relationship with people.

Who is the Protagonist?

The movie revolves around many people, but one person stands out due to his charisma and unique character. Hiccup happens to be the protagonist who stands strong with other dragon riders to fight.

He embodied the weight of the community defense and protected their dragon friends despite the attack, which many would have given up. He was more like a leader to Toothless and Night Fury.

We still leave the opinion open to you, though there’s a need to watch this movie since it’s short and interesting.

Still, people who hate animated movies might find this unattractive and uninteresting, but the movie is credible enough to be viewed following its storyline.

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