Where to Get there are Moms Way Worse than you?

Where to Get There Are Moms Way Worse than You?

Do you think your Mom is wicked? Do you want to glimpse what a bad Mom looks like? Wait until you read “There are Moms Way Worse than You” and then realize your Mom needs to be appreciated.

The book by Glenn Boozan serves as an eye-opener to some of the pathetic parentings that take place in the animal kingdom. Nevertheless, this mirrors a lot of the ill practices in the human world, and you, for one, can say your Mom hasn’t killed you, so she isn’t the worst.

Is it about the koala mom who feeds her offspring her feces or the Panda mom who abandoned one of her twin’s kids? There are a lot of unimaginable, funny, yet deteriorating parenting showcased in the book.

Where Can I Get the Animal Book by Glenn Boozan?

Finding the book “There Are Moms Way Worse than You” by Glenn Boozan isn’t difficult, especially if you follow our guidelines to visit the various places we will identify in this post.

The book’s publication date is a few months old, less than a year, you’re likely to find it in both online and offline stores. So visit whichever is most convenient for you. You can find the book at

1. Book shops: Visiting various physical bookshops nearest your location is one of the most efficient and easiest ways to get this book. Stores like Barnes & Noble, The Hudson Group, Books-A-Million, and many more will shelf this book.

Don’t forget to visit various private-owned and government-owned libraries. They always have the very newest and updated books.

2. Online Book shops: You can also check various online and e-book libraries since most books are published online. This is to promote accessibility and convenience for readability. Check online platforms like Amazon, Thriftbooks, Book Depository, etc.

3. Bibliophile: If you have a friend who is a bookworm, professor, or book storekeeper and loves reading books, you can also ask him/ her, and you might be surprised he or she has the book in stock.

Can I Find This Book at Stores like Walmart & Target?

Yes, you might find the Glenn Boozan book at some of this type of store. This is because most stores like Walmart, Target, DollarTree, and others are section or departmental stores with well-equipped bibliophile sections.

You can also identify stores that promote and advertise books and trending literary artworks or places like fairs and book events to look out for such books.

What is the Book “There Are Moms Way Worse than You” About?

Glenn Boozan, through her book titled ” There are Moms Way Worse than You,” portrays using animals to showcase the most horrible types of moms that exist in our society today. Not far-fetched, news of mothers showcasing all manner of wickedness are everywhere.

We all must have heard of Phil, Lenore Skenazy, who is termed as the worst mom after she decided to let her 9-year-old son go home alone through the subway. It became a public problem.


What Cases is this Book meant to Address?

This book was tailored to address generally immoral and unacceptable attitudes that mothers and parents put up or indulge in while raising their children.

The author, through this book, highlights how wicked some mothers could be to their children for no just cause.

Mothers are supposed to be instruments of love, care, strength, encouragement, and oneness or togetherness, but that’s not the case for some mothers who pamper some children, heat others, and treat them badly like all the mothers in the book did.

What are the Themes in this Book?

The book “There Are Moms Way Worse than You” encompasses a lot of themes that are the subject matter in Glenn Boozan’s literary work. Having gone through the book, you will identify the various themes.

  1. Wickedness
  2. Wrong parenting
  3. Selfishness
  4. Unaccepted values

There are so many other unaccepted practices by these animal moms that don’t just add up and should be addressed.

The actual replica of the kind of moms in the present generation and a need for reassessment and reform.

Who Can Read this Book?

This book shouldn’t be limited to mothers alone, though it centers around mothers and wrong parenting practices. Fathers, guardians, and all humans should read this book to be able to treat each other right.

Young parents should reflect on their lives in areas where they aren’t doing the right thing and make amends, taking this book as a guide.

This book should be recommended to parents, marriage counselors and therapists, pastors, and the general society.

Finally, the book will go a long way to inject or inculcate some cultural and moral values into young parents on how best to treat their wards and not act nonchalant or wicked towards them.

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