What Productive Things to do when Bored?

What Productive Things to Do When Bored?

You are one of those smart people out there who doesn’t believe in wasting away free time. Boredom can get frustrating and the best way to help yourself is to engage yourself in productive activities.

Are you looking for a list of productive things to do when bored? That won’t be a problem if you are patient enough to read through as reading is a way to productively engage yourself rather than staying bored.

What Productive Activities Can You Engage in When You’re Bored?

Generally, boredom sets in when you don’t have any activity or work to do or engage yourself. Sometimes, people mistake laziness for boredom since the common factors are work and the strength to work.

If you ever find yourself bored and want to engage yourself with just anything but productive activities, here are a list of things to choose from

1. Reading or Studying: Just like you’re doing, this is one great productive activity to engage yourself with whenever you’re bored. No knowledge is a waste, and sound wisdom is a product of reading and studying.

You can choose an area of interest from any field and research it to know more. Read novels, magazines, newspapers, documentaries, science, geography, and the list is endless.

2. Acquire new skills: By acquiring new skills, we mean learning something new. Don’t stay with what you know; besides, doing repeated activities gets boring. You can learn how to cook, draw, make hair, design clothes, just be creative.

3. Exercise: This is a double killer, you get to kill boredom and keep fit. You could take a stroll, jog, do some push-ups, exercise using the treadmill, yoga, etc.

4. Clean your house: Your premises and environment can’t always be 100% clean. You can always do some intense sweeping, including under your bed, couch, the kitchen, and dining areas, and even do some laundry. That is more productive than wasting your time.

5. Watch a movie: We occasionally learn from movies to say you’re judiciously making good use of your time. However, it should be a didactic movie other than those corrupt videos that have no sound lesson.

There are many more things you could engage yourself with, but the best will be to do something you are interested in that will yield a positive result.

What are Some Productive Activities for Bored Kids?

If you have a bored child around you, it’s a wise decision to engage the child in some productive activities that will help the child grow physically and intellectually. That being said, here is a list of activities for kids.

  1. Teach them to read books and novels
  2. Teach them to cook
  3. Teach them to swim
  4. Teach them to clean and wash
  5. Teach them to use the computer
  6. They can join you for a walk and other exercises
  7. Sing with them and tell them stories
  8. Spelling bee and quiz
  9. Watch some Disney movies with them
  10. Give them some academic work, etc.


What Productive Activities are Best for Women?

Whether a man or woman, there are basic and very simple activities to engage bored people with.

However, some are more specific to women, and this could make them productively make good use of their time. These activities include:

  1. Cooking special meals
  2. Learning a new skill like fashion designing or hair-making
  3. Acquiring a new digital skill
  4. Researching online about personal women’s bodies and anatomy
  5. Taking a walk or exercising
  6. Read books
  7. Cleaning and doing laundry

How Can I Get Productive?

Understanding the need to be productive is the first and basic step when you notice you are bored and need to do something. To get productive, you also need to understand some basic things about yourself and use these strategies.

  1. Define your goals and aspirations
  2. Plan yourself each day
  3. Attend to your needs before your wants
  4. Learn to manage time and avoid unnecessary distractions
  5. Share your tasks if they are too much for you to increase productivity
  6. Source faster and more effective ways to work
  7. Always take some time off to rest but don’t get lazy
  8. Research to learn more about how to be productive
  9. Always eat well (balanced diet)
  10. Reassess your work after you work each day.


Being productive doesn’t only have to be physical, you can be intellectually and skillfully productive. Most times the intellectual and skillful ones are more resourceful and should be major reasons to improve.

However, the list has listed a lot one could do when bored and it will be of your benefit to choose from this list or use this as a guide to become a more productive person.

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