Where the Dead Go to Die Movie Reviews?

Where the Dead Go to Die Movie Reviews?

Lovers of horror movies will enjoy watching “Where the Dead Go to Die,” while others see it as an extreme level of animation that depicts no exemplary theme and sequential storyline. However, reviews are essential to help the audience analyze every work of art.

The controversy the movie has created on social space has drawn attention, and so many blogs and people are dropping reviews of this movie.

Do you think it’s worth watching? Or do you think it’s a total waste of time?

Does “Where the Dead Go and Die” Have a Storyline?

It’s a bit complicated because it’s not straightforward like most regular movies, flowing in a correlating storyline.

The movie comes with a different style of merging 3 different stories or incidents, which, towards the end, were connected somehow.

The correlating incidents in the 3 different stories are that all had something to do with a horrific experience since Tommy was disturbed and terrified by Labby ( a dog), Sophia’s ugly experiences programmed by her neighbor, and lastly, James’ insane demonic behaviors.

What are the Themes in This Movie?

Every work of art or literary piece must have a subject matter or, better put, theme or idea it put out. These themes are the trucks of the literary work and are meant to teach lessons and mirror what happens in society. ‘

However, the movie portrays several subject matters we would like to identify, though a few persons don’t align with this idea. While watching the movie, you will identify the following:

1. Mental Damage and Trauma: The movie, from the start, portrays a lot of horrific activities, effects, and the extent of damage these experiences and occurrences have on people, especially children, and the need to keep them away from such things.

2. Taboos and Sexual Abuse: The movie also mirrors the various immoral acts that parade human society daily, such as incest, pedophilia, extreme sexual activities, and violence.

The movie has also shown how these human activities damage society and has created awareness and the need for humans to fight against these outrageous and irrational behaviors.

3. The Urgly Dead: The movie highlights some of the suspected and assumed activities and lifestyles of the dead, leaving people wondering if that exists. However, for people who believe in life after death, it will help structure their lives to live justly while others pay less attention.

4. Morality and Misconduct: While watching the movie, you will agree that the level of immoral activities portrayed in the movie is highly sensitive and unimaginable, especially the fact that they’re manipulated to do these things.

Take, for instance, Labby, the dog manipulating and traumatizing Tommy, Happy disturbing Sophia, and many other people whose minds and activities were corrupted by creatures.

Among others are the themes of evil and devilish entities, the danger of early wrong exposure, the effect of wrong societies and associations, and much more.


Is the Movie Didatic?

We will allow you to decide if it’s didactic or not. While some see it not to have a moral lesson but just portray evil and horror, others propose to have learned a lot.

However, will we say that the subject matters in this movie haven’t spiked up some lessons?

1. The need to be wary of violence and sexual abuse, as portrayed in the movie, and the extent of damage it can cause is one lesson we think is important. This is because violence and abuse have proven inevitable despite individual and collective efforts to kill it.

2. The effects of wrong society and associations can be really dangerous. Society harbors all manner of beliefs and ideas. If not watched properly, the rise of evil ideas of members of this society will take over the norms and morality in the society.

3. Pet/Toy awareness and danger are predominantly part of the plot of this movie. The movie keeps using these dog-like creatures to torment children like Tommy and April in the movie, thereby highlighting the need for people to know what kind of pets/toys they keep.

4. The effect of Horror and trauma is another lesson the movie might be putting out there. However, we should learn to keep scary things away from children as it could go a long way to affect their mental health.

5. Parents and guardians who watched this movie should also understand the need for quality parenting and communication. Communicating with your child will help you bond with your child and thereby increase the level of trust and safety the child has in you.

6. Parents should avoid wrong associations and socialization and learn to curb the immediately such attitude begins to spring up in their child. Expose them to the right thing and the ones you want them to know, and explain the effects and consequences of wrong association.


The movie is not the regular type of movie, especially with the controversial storyline, plot, and horrific and extremely traumatic animations portrayed in the movie.

This shows the negative ideas and mirrors several misbehaviors of human societies.

The need to be wary of damaging ideas and motives is key following the sequence of events in the movie. The danger of keeping highly manipulating dangerous elements, pets, toys, sexual abuse, and many more.


This movie shouldn’t be watched by children and immature minds to avoid corrupting them and traumatizing them. However, parents and guardians should watch this movie to know and identify uncertain and unusual behaviors in the wards and quickly seek attention.

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