Why the Hell are you here Teacher Movie Review?

Why the Hell are You Here Teacher Movie Review?

Why the Hell are you here Teacher?” happens to be one of those rigorous and adult yet comic movies from the Japanese series just like “ How Not to Summon a Demon Lord“. Have you heard or watched any?

Reviews from people are always both-sided and almost negative because of the ecchi content in the movie.

This is the basic reason why most viewers dislike and hate the movie, though the comic part of the movie makes it fair. Come, let’s know more about the movie.

What is the Plot in “Why the Hell Are You Here Teacher”?

Many viewers argue that the plot in the movie is full of adult content instead of promoting more positive scenarios in society.

These arguments follow the storyline of always finding a particular student (Ichiro Sato) in compromising situations with several female teachers.

Though these meetings always lead to the hilarious or comic part of the movie, the ecchi contents happen to be more, thereby limiting the age range of viewers, which is the argument of most people following this series.

The content of the movie must not be ecchi to bring out the main idea of the movie despite using animes.

What are the Themes Found in the Movie?

Despite the criticisms faced by this movie, we all agree that the movie highlighted a couple of themes that form the subject matter and the plot on which the movie flowed.

Spotting the themes in the movie helps you identify top ideas the movie counters, supports, or highlights, of which “Why the Hell are you here, Teacher?” highlighted the following themes.

1. Sexual violence and Abuse: The movie highlighted the high rate of sexual misconduct that takes place in society, disregarding the cultural norms and values of humanity. Ichiro happens to be the unfortunate victim of badly starved teachers.

From the aspect of female teachers, they disregard the morals and discipline they are supposed to uphold and indulge a younger student in such a bad act, which could affect his mental health.

2. Comedy: Despite the negativity of the plot, they always have a comic end and, in a way, relax the tension from the preceding idea and situation. Yes, the comedy might not do much justice to the rising tension, but there are comic sceneries.

3. Extreme Relationship: this particular theme comes from the unacceptable and negative connections between the Protagonist and his female teachers, especially with Kana Kojima, which isn’t the student’s fault.

What Lessons Can be Learned from this Anime Movie?

No matter how negative this movie might seem, there is much to learn. The owners of this movie have highlighted some of the ills of society that take place daily using animes.

You will agree that the world today is suffering from pedophilia and sexual abuse, which are major crimes in society. Children are molested by people who are supposed to cater to them and still threaten them not to tell anyone.

While watching this movie, you will become aware of wrong associations that can happen even in schools and homes, such as molestation and pedophilia. You will also be enlightened on other ill of the society.


How Long is this Movie?

The movie was sectioned to have 12 episodes, which make up this movie. However, each episode of the movie has about 12 minutes, making it a short series.

Despite the short nature of the movie, there are lots of features and didactic ideas that the characters used in the movie. Such movies are made short for easy flow and comprehension.

Who Can Watch “Why the Hell Are You Here Teacher”?

The movie should be exclusive to adults who have an interest in watching cartoons and animated movies.

Teenagers and younger children should not be allowed to watch except for educational purposes because they need to be aware of pedophiles and avoid and report them.

Parents, teachers, schools, and all adults who are nurturing a child should watch this movie, thereby helping communicate with their children to avoid such practices.


All literary work, despite how negative it may seem, has an idea or a concept it’s passing out.

The movie, with other comedy scenarios, has aroused public awareness of some negative activities that take place in public structures like schools, which shouldn’t be.

Pedophilia is a bad practice and should be condemned due to the negative psychological effects it’s having on children.

Most of these victims will, in turn, introduce others, and the circle further increases. Therefore, watch out for your kids and younger ones.

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