Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader Questions and Answers?

Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader Questions and Answers?

Are you smarter than a 5th grader questions? Not just yes, beat the children show quiz questions by answering these questions, then we will agree with you. We have some grade 5 questions for your child today to prove how smart and intelligent he/she is.

Are you a parent or guardian? You can also get some of our 5th grader questions on specific academic fields to know how intellectually good your child is and keep him busy rather than staying bored or wasting time.

Some Mathematics Grade 5 Questions and Answers

Under mathematics, we have a list of questions for a grade five kid that he/she should attempt answering correctly. So, we start with

  1. What is 4/6 in decimals? Answer 0.67
  2. A nonagon has how many sides? Answer 9
  3. What is the square root of 225? Answer 15
  4. How many sides does a square have? Answer 4
  5. How do you calculate the area of a square? Times the length of one side by itself.
  6. What is the value of pi in decimal? Answer 3.142
  7. What is an improper fraction, and give examples? This is where the numerator is higher than the denominator. 20/4, 32/6, 7/2
  8. What is 32 ? Answer 9
  9. Calculate 2( 4*5) +3 (2+3+4) *4. Answer 148
  10. What is the formula for calculating a rectangle? Answer Length * Breath
  11. (3+72 ) Answer 17
  12. (3+7)^2 Answer 100
  13. What is 10% of 1000 Answer 100
  14. What is the formula for calculating the area of a circle? Answer A= π r2
  15. Who was What is the formula for calculating the diameter of a circle? Answer D = 2 × r

History Grade 5 Questions and Answers

  1. Who was the first president of America? George Washington, 30th April, 1789.
  2. When did America gain independence? 4th July, 1776.
  3. How many continents are there in the world? 7
  4. When was the first world war? 28th July, 1914
  5. Where was America’s first capital city? New York City
  6. How old is America? 247 years old
  7. How many countries make up the world powers? 10
  8. What is the name of the world’s most expensive work of art? Salvator Mundi
  9. Where is the world’s largest tree? California
  10. Who is the world’s richest man? Elon Musk
  11. Which is the largest city in the world? Tokyo, Japan
  12. Which city did the ancient Greeks, by legend, besiege for ten years? Troy
  13. Natron was used in dehydrating Egyptian mummies; what is natron? Salt
  14. Which country won the last World Cup? Argentina
  15. Who was the god of the sun? Helios

English Grade 5 Questions and Answers

  1. Mention all the subjective pronouns in the English language. I, you, he, she, it, we, you, they
  2. Mention 2 examples of a common noun. House, broom
  3. Who is the author of Charlotte’s Web? E. B. White
  4. The Snowy Day was written by who? Ezra Jack Keats,
  5. how many vowels are in the English language? 5 vowels
  6. Mention 3 words that function as an article you know. “an,” “the,” “and.”
  7. What are synonyms? A synonym is a word with the same or a relative meaning to another word.
  8. What symbol is used to indicate a high tone or shout in a sentence? Exclamation sign.
  9. What is a sentence? A sentence is a set of words that makes complete sense involving a subject and a predicate.
  10. How many are the word classes? 8
  11. What do you call a baby dog? Puppy
  12. What do you call a female dog? Bitch
  13. Who flies a plane? Pilot
  14. What is the name of the sound a goat makes? Bleat
  15. What do you call a young cow? Calf

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Basic Science Grade 5 Questions and Answers

  1. What is the source of energy for producers? The sun
  2. Plants are also known as? Consumers,
  3. What are the six classes of food? Carbohydrates, vitamins, protein,  fat, water, minerals
  4. What are carnivorous animals? These are animals that feed on flesh or meat only.
  5. How is energy calculated? Power * time
  6. What are the components of water? Hydrogen and Oxygen
  7. What is the boiling point of water? 100°C
  8. What are the 3 basic types of soil? Sandy, Loamy, and Clay soil
  9. Which of these soils is best for cultivation? Loamy soil
  10. What is the work of the white blood cell? To help the body fight sicknesses
  11. What’s another name for the throat? gullet, esophagus
  12. How long is a woman pregnant? 9 months
  13. What is H2O also known as? Water
  14. What gas do plants “breathe in” that is bad for humans and animals?  Carbon dioxide
  15. What does a caterpillar grow to become? A butterfly

The importance is to make them understand the need to read materials within and above their level if need be, get exposed to spelling and grammatical constructions, and make correct sentences while speaking.

However, there are many more areas that they should cover so they can stand out among their pairs, be bold and comfortable speaking in public spaces, and be versatile intellectually.

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