How to Pick a Lock with a Paper Clip?

How to Pick a Lock with a Paper Clip?

Have you misplaced the key to your padlocks? Or did you lock up, leaving your keys inside? Relax, we have a new update for you today on how to go in without your key, it’s lock specific though but could work for yours.

Do you know you could use paper clips to open a lock? You might not believe it, but it’s true. How cool is that?!

We would love to teach you how to pick a lock using a paper clip so you stop spoiling your lock. It could work for a few other items that have similar locks. Go down and find it!

How Do I Use a Paper Clip to Pick a Lock?

This is one of the smartest ways to always jack open any lock that uses a key without using its key. This technique could help you maneuver your way and gain access to any locked item or place without the right key.

While this isn’t meant to encourage theft and other malicious activities, for security purposes, these are step-by-step guides on using a paper clip to pick a lock

  1. You will unfold the paper clips to make a straight object that can enter the lock
  2. Unfold the second paper clip, and make a reverse bend at the end of one to have a 90-degree curve. This is how to make your wrench
  3. Insert the wrench into the padlock’s shear line (keyhole), after which you apply a medium-sized pressure.
  4. At this point, you will have to turn the lock to the right since most padlocks move to the right.
  5. Put the pick into the shear line and keep jiggling it while you slowly remove it
  6. Find the pins with the pick while jiggling it, which should be about five thereabout.
  7. Apply motion pressure to your tension wrench as you depress the pin. It will feel a give once you get the right unlocking spot.
  8. You will jiggle or keep shaking the pin until each pin unlocks.

What Do I Need to Pick a Lock?

You don’t just start picking a lock like that, you need some items to assist you. Remember the lock has a key that makes opening it easy; in the absence of the key, you will need the help of some items to help you jack open a lock

To assist you in picking open a lock, we will list the set of items you need to make it easy and possible, which are:

1. Paper Clips: These are the main items in picking a lock. You will need about 2 of them, which will play different roles. You will use one as the pick while the other as the tension wrench.

2. A Plier: You will need this equipment to make the perfect shape you want for the paper clips. So you don’t injure yourself or make a wrong shape, you will need the plier.

3. A Lock: The particular lock to be picked will be part of this practical work. Be it a padlock, door lock, or any other kind of lock, provided it’s not card swipe or electronic. It must make use of a key.

Other Items That Can Pick a Lock

There could be a scenario where you can’t get or find a paper clip to pick a lock and will need an alternative item. Your knowledge of what can replace a paper clip can save you time and the emergency.

Yes, there are other items you can use in place of a paper clip if you can’t get one because they will serve the same purpose if you can use them properly. Professionals know these things, and you might know them but don’t know they serve the same purpose, which includes:

  1. Ladies’ bobby pins ( hairpins) are perfect for pin tumbler locks.
  2. Any tiny rigid items that could enter a shear hole


How Many Paper Clips Do I Need to Pick a Lock?

Only beginners will need so many paper clips to pick a lock. Whether a professional or not, you alone need as low as 2 paper clips to pick a lock.

They both have distinct roles to play, which you must understand why you need just 2 and why you could substitute with something similar or close.

One serves as the pick and the other serves as the wrench to apply tension while the pick will be used to identify the unlocking sports and pins and help unlock the padlock.

What is the Condition of the Padlock after Picking?

It must not always damage the lock if done properly, though most padlocks are most likely to spoil. It all depends on your skill and the condition of the padlock you’re picking.

Rusted padlocks are most likely difficult to pick no matter how good you are and if you do at all it might end up damaged. Always know the condition of the padlock before attempting to open it.


Other items could be used to open doors and locks without the right keys, but it all depends on the kind of door and lock. For padlocks, you should follow the various procedures to gain illegal access to your house.

The padlock, paper clips that form the wrench, and pin and plier are necessary equipment. Hairpins can be used as an alternative item for the paperclips, and do not try this elsewhere except your house.

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