Is Who Gives a Crap Toilet Paper Cheaper than Others?

Is Who Gives a Crap Toilet Paper Cheaper than Others?

Looking at the branding and packaging, do you think, ” Who gives a crap toilet paper is cheaper or expensive? That’s rhetorical, right, but you already have your answer.

If you still don’t understand, or you want to know why we have that answer, we have an elaborated explanation of the “Who gives a crap” toilet paper cost and comparison to others in terms of price and reason. You just have to read on.

Is Who Gives a Crap Toilet Paper Cheaper than Others?

Price Review of Who Gives a Crap Price Toilet Paper

The toilet paper prices vary depending on the design, make, and brand. The world’s most expensive toilet paper is the 22-carat gold toilet paper worth over $1.3 million, and a few others of serious amount.

Who gives a crap? Toilet paper is worth quite an amount, at least better than other lower brands, but the sheet and roll cost between these other brands makes who gives a crap more economical than others.

To further explain this, most brands capitalize on per-roll cost rather than sheets, thereby making them produce smaller rolls. The per-sheet cost turns out to be more advantageous, which makes it cost-effective.

How Many Sheets are in Who Gives a Crap Toilet Paper?

Haven talked about the differences and cost efficiency of this brand of toilet paper. The number of sheets in a roll determines some of the costs and advantages of one over the other.

Most toilet papers have 150 sheets, at most 200 sheets in a roll, which is rare to find, though, whiles the “Who gives a Crap” toilet paper has 385 to 400 sheets in a roll which is the double-length roll you hear about.

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How Much is Who Gives a Crap Toilet Paper Sold for?

The price of toilet paper might vary due to location, store policies, and other conditions, but on average, you should get 24 rolls of this toilet paper for $30, and 48 rolls for $48. For the forest-friendly bamboo premium product, you can get 48 rolls for $52.

From calculating per sheet, you will find out that you are buying a sheet for almost no amount (0.0025). So, getting 100 sheets for 25 cents will be way better, and buying in bulk will be more beneficial depending on where you buy from and the cost.

But following the 25 cents for 100 sheet price, you will be paying $23.1 for 24 rolls instead of $30, $46.2 instead of $48, and that continues.

The Quality of Who Gives a Crap Toilet Paper

Is Who Gives a Crap Toilet Paper Cheaper than Others?

The premium bamboo toilet paper is 100% reformed paper, void of odor and dirt, and has gone through cleaning processes.

They’re usually collected from waste that appears in schools and workplaces and processed to give a good feeling when used.

Despite the process of manufacture, they have a better texture, good packaging, and wonderful reuse efficiency, but many still prefer them to other brands out there.

The Company Producing Who Gives a Crap Toilet Paper

Most people don’t know where the toilet paper is produced and think it’s an American product, judging from its name. I guess you’re also shocked, yeah? It’s not produced in America but rather produced in China.

Beginners always seek to produce in Australia, but China has taken over following the availability of raw materials and machines and saving excessive costs of shipping to other locations.

They could produce plastic-free papers, which most manufacturers couldn’t do, and working with a verified company BSCI

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