How Long is the Little Mermaid 2023?

How Long is the Little Mermaid?

Have you watched the latest edition of ” The Little Mermaid”? This second version came out a few months ago, if you’re yet to see it, hurry to the nearest movie store and get it. The storyline is more intriguing than the last version.

How Long is the Little Mermaid?

However, the answer to “How Long is the Little Mermaid 2023” specifies the hours for watching this movie.

You need to know that this edition is longer than the 89 version. So get ready to enjoy hours of exciting love tales!

How Long is the First Version of the Little Mermaid?

Anyone who has watched the 1989 version of The Little Mermaid will tell you how interesting this animated love movie was and how long it took to finish watching it. You will spend about an hour and 23 minutes watching this Disney fairytale movie of love and sacrifice.

It might sound quite much, but you will wish it continued longer so you enjoy more of the movie. However, your wish has come true, as the 2023 version has been out since May 2023.

How Long is the Little Mermaid 2023 Version?

The latest version of this exciting love tale is almost an hour longer than the original version. It is 135 minutes long, which is exactly 52 minutes extra.

This is because more storylines of the previous life of Eric and Ariel were added.

The new version went on to highlight the earlier life of Eric to portray and make more exciting the love tale and amazing feeling of the fairytale.

What is the Story About?

Anybody who grew up in the 1990s or later, or who had kids they showed The Little Mermaid to, should be somewhat familiar with the plot of The Little Mermaid.

It is nearly identical to the 1989 movie, which was only partially inspired by the fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen, which has a far harsher resolution than the movie.

The well-known tale of Ariel, a lively and attractive young mermaid with a passion for exploration, is found in “The Little Mermaid.”

Ariel, the most rebellious and youngest of King Triton’s daughters, yearns to learn more about the world above the water and, on one of her visits, falls in love with the handsome Prince Eric.

Ariel needs to follow her heart even though mermaids are not allowed to communicate with humans.

She strikes a bargain with Ursula, the evil sea witch, to get a taste of land life, but in the end, she puts her life and her father’s crown in danger.

Despite sharing the same general plot as the 1989 film, the Little Mermaid from 23 is an hour longer than the original animated version, which makes it an intriguing film.

The live-action Little Mermaid runs for two hours and fifteen minutes, but the animation version is only 83 minutes long.

Though it’s unclear exactly what will happen in that extra hour, it’s likely that the new characters and Ariel’s sisters’ enhanced part will extend the film’s running length.

Where New Characters Added to the 2023 Version?

You will expect to see more people if you haven’t seen the movie yet. However, the need to go back to the early life of Eric will involve a few more characters that weren’t featured in the 1989 version.

You will see new people taking up the same and different characters to increase the interest and excitement in the movie.

How Long Did it Take to Release the 2023 Version?

From the time of the first version of The Little Mermaid till now, it’s calculatedly 34 years difference or interval.

The first one was acted on November 13, 1989, while the release of the second edition is May 2023.

The release of this second edition proves that the movie was worth watching to continue after 34 years of releasing the first version of it.

When Will the Next Version be Released?

The time frame for the release of the next episode or version hasn’t been communicated yet, however, many wish to see this fairytale story of love and sacrifice continue.

Many wish to know what will happen when they bear children, what they will look like, whether they want to return to the waters as Mermaids, and many other controversies and many more that might happen.

But for the time is unknown, and that’s if they will.

Finally, The Little Mermaid is a story of love, stakes, and sacrifice with 2 versions, 1989 and 2023. The difference in time has increased by 52 minutes extra to the original 83 hours, which is the intriguing part. However, enter a movie store and watch this movie.

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